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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fang was deliberately drowned. >> i almost cry, because yes, i saw her. she really cute. >> peter lives in the same multifamily house along 47th street the to the letter shared with her mother, father and brother. the same home where police stood guard monday. police were initially called to the house sunday night to find the girl's father performing cpr.opeople who know the young family can't wrap their heads around the tragedy about. >> all the time. how long, how long. happy. >> the girls father has not been charged. right now we're waiting for lynn lee to be walked here and taken
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sun set park, checkey beckford. elevated levels of led in newark schools have thousands of parents scared for their kids. the city's working on a plan to make sure those children are okay. ray vee ada there with a lot more on this story ton. >> reporter: the mayor is expected to address the failing water infrastructure here at the performing arts center at the state of the city. this comes as parents are finding out their children, some of the youngest will be tested for lead poisoning. in his state of the city, the mayor expects to push a bottle or plastic ban 5 or 10 cent deposit to fix the infrastructure. it comes after high levels of the toxic chemicals were found in the city's school buildings. the schools are depending on bottled water we've learned about 2,000 toddlers will be tested.
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centers where lead was detected. the city plans so to set up sites for testing outside of schools. no clear timetable has been set place. the mayor expected to take the podium at any moment. 4 new york. chris christie is facing calls to step aside after his decision to speak at a trump event in florida instead of attending trooper's funeral back home. brian thompson has late details from linden. >> reporter: chuck, governor christie's support for donald trump has become a political punching bag, now the gloves coming off over his decision to skip that state trooper's funeral. the image of a funeral for a state trooper killed in the line of duty, and his governor campaigning with donald trump. setting off a firestorm of headlines, some brutal, some pointing to the contrast.
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what in this job, i will be criticized. >> he should be at the trooper funeral. he should not be parading around with donald trump. >> i think he should have went. he's the governor. >> to the funeral? >> christie's last minute decision to go to north carolina instead. >> another from the president of the state trooper's union. >> i see this as selfish politicalism. >> he said the funeral came after he got the invite. >> do you want to do the funeral, go to the groundbreaking? which do you want to do? she sid, i'll take care of the funeral. that was it. that was the extent of the entire conversation. >> the lack of respect is something that resonates far beyond law enforcement community. >> reporter: democrats running for governor have launched websites urging christie to do thinks job or quit. >> yesterday was finally the straw that broke the camel's
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priorities. >> reporter: now, near the beginning of his first term, governor christie and his lieutenant governor both attended the state trooper's funeral together. since then, the governor went to one last spring, since then, his lieutenant governor has been to the last two, including yesterday's. live in linden, news 4 new york. three people are dead, two others injured tonight following a head on crash in new jersey. chopper 4 over the scene on route 9. you can see that mangled gold sedan under the blue tarp and heavily damaged suv. the 45-year-old driver of the suv drifted from the southbound lanes in oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes and hit that gold honda. drivers of both cars died, along with a passenger in the honda. two other passengers were taken to the hospital. the crash caused major traffic delays throughout the day. new at 6:00, a student at a bronx high school is accused of
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school bathroom. tianna is charged with assault. she's a student at the school for medicine. she stabbed another girl in the thigh and left arm. some students tell news 4, monday's attack stem from an argument last week between lopez and the victim's friend. >> we're surprised, it's the first thing to happen since i've been in the school. it's new for us. >> lopez was released today on her own reconnaissance. proper protocol was followed at the school. cardinal dolan meeting today in albany. he's pushing for an increase in the state's minimum wage. the cardinal lobbied for prison reform legislation and tax credit for private school tuition. he lobbied against legislation that would allow people with terminal illnesses to end their lives with their doctors assistance. mother teresa is one step
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mother teresa is esteemed for devoting her life to the poor in the slums of calcutta. we spoke to newark archbishop john myers who met mother teresa at a mass in the early 1990s. >> i was not surprised because mother has set an example for people all over the world on how to care for the poor and to lead by example. >> mother teresa earned other honors for her work, including a 1979 nobel peace prize. she died nine years ago at the age of 87. two shamed politicians now criminals charged in the same year. now, what they're scheduled to do at this same time. who's eligible for federal funding to help recover from january's big blizzard?
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immediate future, dave, is there? >> there could be some to the far north and west. we'll talk about that, that's not until the first day of sprain. do you put away the heavy coat or keep it out? do you put away the umbrella or
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two men who were once the leading power brokers in albany, scheduled to be sentenced on the same day. they will find out their punishments on april 13th, both of them convicted last year in separate federal corruption cases. the state assembly voted to limit the outside income of albany lawmakers to $70,000 a year. it passes legislation that would put new limits on campaign contributions to cut the influence of outside money on the state government. republicans have blocked both measures in the state senate, so the bill's final passage remains uncertain. 17 counties are due for federal help to recover from the blizzard in january. the money can be used to repair
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the only counties not mentioned are passaic, sussex, sail ex-and gloucester. an i team investigation into worker's kpen taking, why many doctors are choosing to no longer treat injuries of workers hurt on the job. here's a look at what's on nbc tonight when chuck and i see
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hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot
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the new york senate passing a bill to make st. patrick's day a holiday in new york city. the irish committee expressed disappointment for scheduling parent teacher conferences on
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back in 2011 during the 250th annual parade. it is that time of the evening when lester holt joins us now. >> coming up tonight, the latest on the other big tuesday in politics. an important day in the war on prescription drug abuse. the cdc has issued its first ever federal guidelines to doctors urging them to consider whether they really need to prescribe strong opiates. >> these painkillers are not new. why is this coming to be now? >> they're seeing an epidemic of these painkillers right now, 46 people a day are dying from prescription drug over doses. they want doctors to consider alternatives and deliver the number of days vicodin and perk set are prescribed. that's coming up when we see you at 6:30. >> you hear stories like that so 067b these days. >> you do.
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supermarket worker foul er er falls off a ladder, he's covered by worker's compensation. how is it four years later he can't find an eye doctor to treat his injury. when chris glorioso heard this story, he smelled a bigger story and he was right. >> worker's compensation is supposed to be a safety net. the i team has uncovered evidence doctors are dropping out of new york's worker's compensation program and it's affecting people's health. >> i have a pain like somebody drilling a hole in my head. >> in 2011, george was de-icing freezers at this brooklyn supermarket, standing atop a ladder, he took a fall and crushed the left side of his face. when he awoke six days later in kings county hospital, the worst injury was a hemorrhage in his eye, and four years later, blood is still coating the surface of his retina.
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>> the right is okay. the left is almost none. >> in essence, the back of your eye, is it getting covered in blood? >> yes. >> to restore his vision, one doctor prescribed surgery to scrape the blood off. he contacted the newark compensation board and was given a list of ophthalmologists who accept worker's compensation insurance. none of them agreed to help. >> the doctor said they don't accept worker's comp. says you do accept workers comp? >> they don't accept worker's comp. >> the i team called every ophthalmologist on this list. when we called the doctor's offices, we got the same frustrating results. do you accept workers compensation insurance? does your office accept worker's compensation? you used to do it 20 years ago, but not any more? >> the worker's compensation board lists 64 ophthalmologists
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but when we called -- >> no, okay. thank you. >> more than two thirds of the doctors offices say they don't accept worker's comp. >> these people are really caught between a rock and a hard place. >> robert gray is an attorney who represents injured workers. it's an open secret in the worker's comp world. doctors are dropping out of new york's system. especially specialists. >> ophthalmology, oncology, pulmonology, cardiology, these are all areas if you're an injured worker or with a worker's compensation case, you're likely to have a difficult time finding a doctor who's willing to treat you. >> a spokesperson told us doctors listed on the state website may not discriminate against patients by refusing to accept worker's compensation insurance. but it happens all the time. >> the problems seem to be increasing. >> he published a study of more than 300 medical specialists, the state listed the doctors as
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but more than half reported they don't take worker's comp. doctors are dropping out, because they're tired of treatment rules that restrict their medical judgment. >> you get challenged at every step. you get challenged when you make the diagnosis, when you try to prescribe a medication. do a test. >> the business council of new york which represents employers, says medical treatment guidelines are necessary to contain costs. >> excessively expensive, the results are perhaps not what they should be. there is incredible disincentive. >> what good is worker's comp if there are no surgeons who will take that insurance? >> the worker's comps are good for nothing. >> last summer, george was finally able to get an appointment with a retinal surgeon to scrape the back of his eye. inexplicably the doctor cancelled. >> they cancelled without telling me the reason why they cancelled it. they didn't even notify me.
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can be charged with misconduct if he or she is authorized to accept worker's comp but refuses to treat. the i team was able to find two chin its and george has appointments at both. >> more stories on the news 4 new york app. the news 4 logo in the corner and select investigations. the news 4 new york app is available in the app store now. not a bad night outside right now, we've seen some changes in the forecast. and we're going to get to them right now, let's walk over to the weather wall, we'll take a look outside. what a nice shot of southern manhattan right now. and what do we see? brightness up there, even breaks of sunshine. 56 degrees, mostly cloudy skies right now, believe it or not, we've gone up in the past hour or so. 56 is the day's high. nice night ahead, a short lived warmup.
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season, we go up for a few days, it comes down, we go up, it comes down. we're in that rhythm right now. will it rain on our parade. the sane the patrick's day on thursday, there's a chance of it, we'll go through the time frame in a little while. and walk-through storm tracker. in the meantime, temperatures outside right now, very comfortable 57 at jfk. 49 cooler, significantly as you had waiting river, hampton bay. we'll broaden the picture just a little bit. go up to poughkeepsie where we've lost a degree in the past hour. it's up to 59 now. 56 in central park, as we mentioned, 54 in farmingdale. we have clouds and some clearing out to the west. the moisture stays to the south right now. now, let's put things in motion, and figure out what we're going to see over the next several days, shall we? by tuesday in the morning and then through the day, we see passing clouds and breaks for some significant sun to peak through. that's the good news, then into
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good and dry, rather clear as we start our hump day commute. as we head into the evening, where showers approach, this is wednesday at 6:00 p.m., then we roll through the evening, the 11:00 news comes on, and we're watching more showers. in the city, to the north, and even down by the jersey shore. thursday, 7:00, things look good. let's put the parade forecast together shall we? everything kicks off at 11:00, still mostly cloudy skies, peaks of sunshine, 56 degrees, could see some spotty drizzle come through at about 1:00, 3:00, maybe a few more sprinkles. for the most part, relatively comfortable conditions. bring the small umbrella, that's all you should need. 49 degrees is our temperature tonight. very comfortable and as we head into the rest of the evening and we advance toward the overnight. temperature remains 54-55-56
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we dip down, calm and cloudy, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. as you wake up tomorrow to get going, dry with some clouds, a nice quick warmup through the day. here's your 7-day forecast everyone. we have springtime beginning on sunday, 12:30 in the morning, but it's not going to feel that way. the big half marathon going on on sunday it's going to be chilly in the 30s most likely for the start of that race. we could see some showers, i don't think we're going to see any major storms sunday night. maybe a little sloppy weather to the north and west. i was nervous for a while. >> bracing for madness? >> i am. the start of march madness is 20 minutes away, and our local teams are fired up. coming up in sports, iona departs new rochelle, we'll hear from the gaels and stonybrook gets a hero's sendoff, they set
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it's all just ahead on news 4
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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the countdown to madness is now, isn't it? >> let's get going. waiting is the hardest part. for fdu the wait is over tonight. for seton hall, stonybrook and ionia, the wait to tip off continues. the gaels haven't played a game in over a week. the champions have one final practice this morning, before leaving their new rochelle campus to fly to denver where they will tip it off thursday at 2:00 p.m. waiting for them in the mile high city will be the cyclones
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>> it's a culmination of a year >> nothing. >> this is my first time experiencing this, i'm glad you know i'm a part of it. >> we never get tight. coach keeps us playing iona motto. we're going to be loose regardless of where we play. >> choice of a lifetime? >> can't wait. be the cinderella story of this tournament. >> the c wolves of stonybrook hit the road today. they're headed to des moines to take on one of the blue bloods of college bubble. kentucky, even though it's the first ncaa tournament for stonybrook. they don't seem intimidated by the wildcats. >> watched a lot of time, you have to play really good basketball. you have to be mistake free,
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they don't lose many games, it will be a home court for them as kentucky nation always travels. we'll have some of the sea wolf nation there too. >> in baseball news, the mets placed rubin taha ejada on waivers. if no team claims him by thursday, he'll be cut. farley dickinson gets the big dance started in about 15 minutes as they open up the first floor against florida's gulf coast. >> at wagner, after all of the storming of the court, we met at half court, i told the team enjoy this, we're going to the tournament to win game or games. that's the next goal. that's going to be very difficult to do, we're excited to be here, we want to win a basketball game tomorrow night. we know we have to play great to do that. >> that's tonight now.
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they play gonzaga thursday night. we're rooting for all of our locals starting about 15 minutes. up next on nightly news, painkiller addiction, what the cdc is finally doing to combat a growing academic. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. breaking news tonight. a major make-or-break moment in the race for president. will trump knock out rubio with a win in florida? can kasich stop him in ohio and force a contested convention? and can bernie sanders pull off another shocker? also breaking, one of transportation systems in america to suddenly shut down amid urgent concerns over safety. millions bracing for a nightmare commute. stunning admission. for the first to imthe nfl announces a direct link playing football and degenerative brain


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